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Skyrim helped me fix my relationship with food


Roast chickens, venison stew, apple dumplings, cabbages … these are the items that fill my Skyrim character’s bloated pouches. Though certainly not the most efficient way to play, I’ve always opted out of purchasing potions to restore health — although I’d certainly use them if I had them — and instead turned toward the stuff that’s lying around everywhere: food. Found scraps of food in Skyrim are a cheap way to keep health up, although you’re going to need lots of it to heal completely. And I had loads of it. Food is power in Skyrim, whether it’s boar meat stripped right from the bone or a pile of cheese wheels stolen from the vendor next door. This didn’t extend to my own reality. My body was shriveled, and my bones were as brittle as ice at the dawn of spring. Anorexia plagued me...

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Persona 5 trailer offers new glimpse of stylish adventuring


Atlus has released a smart new trailer for PlayStation 4 adventuring role-playing game Persona 5. The stylish slice of marketing shows teenage protagonists exploring palaces and fighting with enemies, while making use of their combat personas. A pretty graphical overlay gives the whole thing an extra zing. In Persona 5, players take on the lives of youngsters who go about ordinary lives in modern day Tokyo, but who also journey to a fantasy realm on a magical treasure hunt. Released in Japan last year, it's due out in the rest of the world on April 4.

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Walking Dead’s new season skips PS3 and 360 — and that could mean trouble for old save files


cThe third season of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series, A New Frontier, won’t launch on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, Telltale Games announced on its website. That may not surprise newcomers to the series, but anyone who finished the earlier seasons on those older consoles may need to start digging them out. That’s because importing saves from Season Two of The Walking Dead requires downloading a patch, which will then allow players to upload their files and bring them over to modern hardware. If they played the second season on PS3 or 360, they’ll have to plug those consoles back in to patch their games and get access to their old saves. They’ll also need to have a Telltale account, which they’ll be able to upload their save files to and then download onto a new device. There’s a...

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Hear Red Dead Redemption’s rejected song from Animal Collective


Anyone who played Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption to completion will remember the game’s very effective use of two songs — Jose Gonzales’ “Far Away,” as John Marston rides into Mexico, and Jamie Lidell’s “Compass,” as he journeys home — to mark major narrative moments. Apparently, the game’s creators had another song at their disposal, one from experimental indie pop band Animal Collective, that went unused. This week, Animal Collective released the song it recorded, titled “Mountain Game,” for Red Dead Redemption on its YouTube channel. The band didn’t have a whole lot to say about the experience or why it wasn’t used in the final game, however. “Here’s an unreleased track we recorded in 2010 for Red Dead Redemption and it never got used,” the band wrote on YouTube. “Enjoy.” One...

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Destiny’s most frequent cheaters are having their consoles banned


Destiny developer Bungie is issuing permanent console bans to the game’s most unrepentant cheaters today, following a crescendo of complaints from players regarding the use of unfair tactics in the game’s high-stakes Trials of Osiris mode. "Console bans are being issued today for devices with a history of banned or restricted accounts," said Chris "Cozmo23" Shannon, community manager at Bungie, in a tweet. "Cheaters beware." Must Read Destiny players are fed up with the state of Trials of Osiris Bungie responds to unsanctioned Destiny activity in a number of ways, according to the banning policies stated on its support site. The most specific situation is an "activity restriction," in which a player is temporarily prevented from playing a specific...

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Persona 5 delayed until April


Persona 5 won’t launch until April 4, Atlus announced Wednesday. The publisher revealed the delay during a livestream, which also saw the debut of the first English-language gameplay of the upcoming role-playing game. Originally set for a Feb. 14, 2017 release, Persona 5 won’t make it onto PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 stateside for another several weeks. That’s in spite of the fact that Japanese fans have had their hands on the game since mid-September. To compensate for the later release date, Atlus will receive Japanese audio alongside the international release. It will be available as free downloadable content, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. The English-language version was originally going to launch without Japanese vocal options, so this alteration should appease...

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After complaints of Destiny cheaters, Bungie reiterates its security strategy


In an effort to restore faith in the sanctity of Destiny’s competitive multiplayer combat, developer Bungie today affirmed its commitment to keeping the experience free of cheaters, and asked the community for its continued assistance in doing so. "Recently, there has been some concern about cheating in the Crucible, most specifically DDoSing in Trials of Osiris," said Chris "Cozmo" Shannon, a community manager at Bungie, in a blog post today. "This is a subject we take very seriously." Shannon passed along further details from Bungie’s security response team. "We have several team members whose full-time jobs are to ensure the security of your Destiny experience," he said. The team implored players to report cheaters if they run into them, with Shannon noting that Destiny’s in-game...

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Destiny players are fed up with the state of Trials of Osiris


Players of Destiny’s most competitive mode, Trials of Osiris, are becoming increasingly frustrated with what they describe as a growing lack of competitive balance. In threads and comments on the Destiny subreddit, die-hard players paint a picture of an experience in which bad actors are sapping the fun out of the mode, playing dirty with tactics such as blocking opponents’ in-game radar or even sending DDoS attacks their way. "I am just worn out," wrote Reddit user OdysseyWolf on Monday. "So much lag and being purposely DDOS’d made me walk away and work on the yard with the wife." Yes, you read that correctly: Some conniving Trials of Osiris players are allegedly cheating their way to victory by initiating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against their opponents,...

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Destiny’s Halloween event kicks off Oct. 25


Destiny’s Festival of the Lost, a Halloween-inspired event replete with masks to collect, candy to consume and new quests to accept, officially kicks off Oct. 25, Bungie announced today. According to a trailer released by Bungie today, Destiny’s Festival of the Lost event will reward players with new wearable paper masks, including some based on the recently released Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion; new emotes, shaders and emblems; weapon ornaments; new Ghost shells; a new Sparrow and more. Bungie promises "multiple" quest lines as part of the event, one of which is exclusive to Rise of Iron’s new social space, the Iron Temple. Just like last year, The Tower and Destiny's other social spaces will be decorated with paper engram lanterns, candles and other spooktacular ornaments. This...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 will have something exclusive for PS4 players


Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Sony is doing its best to make sure you play it on PS4. Sony announced today that through a deal with publisher Rockstar Games, players of the PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption 2 will receive "first access to earn select online content" in the game. That doesn’t sound like much of a benefit — Sony and Rockstar aren’t promising that PS4 players will get exclusive content, just that they’ll be able to access something ahead of Xbox One players. And it sounds like the content will be specific to Red Dead Redemption 2’s "new online multiplayer experience." Still, the language could be referring to a deal similar to Destiny, where players on PS4 can earn items like exotic weapons well before they’re available to obtain...

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