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Touch the Skyrim: Nick and Griffin knock the planet off its axis and destroy time


Hoo boy, are things getting unstable in Touch the Skyrim, a series in which we attempt to corrupt Bethesda's classic RPG with an irresponsible collection of modifications. Like, the game takes minutes to load most of the time, partially because my computer is afraid of the things we're doing here. Like, it tries to load up Whiterun, but cannot comprehend its arm-shaped arbor, its massive invincible bears, its hyper-valuable cabbages, its DreamWorks screenplays. Anyways, in today's episode, we kill time. We don't, like, goof off, or waste time or anything. We kill the thing, for real.

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Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Getting destroyed by a gauntlet of kids


Every video game worth its salt has a section that is far more brutal than the rest of its campaign. Blighttown. The Water Temple. The Hoverbike Wind Tunnel. It's been a while since I've played Pokémon Y, so I'd forgotten about one such area, which was not made any easier by the Nuzlocke ruleset I've been following while playing the game. That section will simply be referred to as: The Bridge. The Bridge.

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Touch the Skyrim: Nick and Griffin try to kill a giant bear using telekinesis


Welcome back to Touch the Skyrim. A few things have changed since your last visit — but hopefully you'll still recognize the place! It's the same old Skyrim you know and love, only with more enormous, unkillable bears. And ... a few other things that we added to the tidy pile of mods we created in the series' first episode. Also, if you came up with an estimate of how many episodes this series would go before the game completely died, you may want to revise that figure.

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Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Preventing the apocalypse with a squad of children


In this episode of my Nuzlocke run through Pokémon Y, I thwart the apocalyptic plans of an army of evildoers, saving the entire world from annihilation. I know you're probably wondering — is this the last episode of the series? Actually, no; there's a lot more game to play after these events, which has always been kind of confusing to me. I just saved the world. How does that not make me the de facto Pokémon Champion? I saved the whole world.

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Monster Factory: Turbovicki faces her final showdown in Wii Sports Resort


On the last episode of Monster Factory, a Wii Sports Resort star was born: Turbovicki, the big and unconquerable all-around athlete. She's fared well in the series of sporting challenges thrown her way by her nemesis, former Vice President Dick Cheney, but in today's installment, there's no time for games. Turbovicki must now face off against an army of invincible warriors hellbent on claiming the Resort in the name of their immortal clan. Can she survive the onslaught? Also, can she survive that really, really awful biking mini-game that was included in the collection for some reason?

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Presenting Touch the Skyrim, a new series in which we try to kill Skyrim with mods


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time. My colleague, Nick Robinson, does not share my appreciation for this game. My desire to convert him over to the winning team has aligned perfectly with the launch of Skyrim: Special Edition, which has brought the five-year-old game back into the public eye, albeit not with all of its marvelous, bonkers modifications intact. And so: Touch the Skyrim was born. The premise for this video series is simple: In each episode, I'll install a generous handful of mods into the game — the classic version, mind you, as a lot of mods haven't been retrofitted for the Special Edition yet. That means that, with each subsequent episode, the list of mods will grow larger and larger, and the game more and more unrecognizable. This...

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Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Pushing Wonder Trade to its limits


We're approaching the final stretch of my Nuzlocke run through Pokémon Y, and man, is this game making me work for it. Most of the battles at this point in the game are nail-biters; in fact, the episode above mostly consists of two such agonizing encounters. Adding to that, the game's randomized Wonder Trade system certainly isn't making things any easier. In fact, one might say it's making it much, much harder, both statistically and emotionally speaking. In this episode, my relationship with this horrible exchange reaches its breaking point.

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Monster Factory: Training the perfect super-athlete in Wii Sports Resort


We've been looking for the right opportunity to utilize Nintendo's deep and infinitely upsetting Mii Maker architecture in the Monster Factory for quite some time. Earlier this week, we realized just such an opportunity: We really wanted to play Wii Sports Resort again. Man, remember how sick that game was? You can swordfight in it, and also, you can play with an adorable virtual dog. So sick. Anyways, Justin and I used the Mii Maker software to create a couple of new friends: Turbovicki, the Supreme Sports Champion of the Universe, and her arch-nemesis ... former Vice President Dick Cheney. This one kind of got away from us, and fast.

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Pokémon Y Nuzlocke Challenge: Going on a dangerous Rotom rescue mission


The theme of this, my Nuzlocke run through Pokémon Y, has been "Making the Best of a Bad Situation." I think that's a fair way of qualifying my last few Wonder Trades, which have left me with a team comprised of low-level chumps. But today, I'm taking matters into my own hands, turning those chumps into cold-blooded monsters, and then taking them on a rescue mission to grab a coveted Rotom from the Lost Hotel. Time and supplies aren't on my side, but when are they ever?

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