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Halo Wars 2


Halo Wars 2 feels like the relic of two different histories. On the one side you’d find the real-time strategy genre, a collection of games that found a brief period of big-budget dominance on the PC and occasionally ventured onto consoles. RTS games spawned the current 500-ton gorillas of modern …

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Sniper Elite 4


While social media debates the ethics of punching Nazis, Sniper Elite 4 continues to consider how best to perforate their spleens. Sniper Elite 4 marks Rebellion’s fourth round for their World War II marksman, and it doesn’t lose sight of the series’ slow motion hook: showing the internal damage of …

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For Honor


For Honor is a fighting game. I had to keep repeating that to myself every time I got frustrated. The third-person camera, the medieval settings and the melee weapons had caught me off guard, thinking this was an action-adventure, or a hack-and-slash somewhat like Ryse. Approaching it with those expectations …

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We Are Chicago


We Are Chicago is a game with a message, and it never let me forget it. Developer Culture Shock Games is a studio set on “giving a voice to underrepresented people,” per its founder, Michael Block. Block enlisted a multiracial collection of residents of Chicago’s North and South sides to …

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Yakuza 0


I wasn’t expecting to leave Yakuza 0 with a deep emotional connection to a character who shrieks and beats people with a baseball bat. I also wasn’t expecting to invest so profoundly in the struggles of a small nightclub and its staff, either. And I absolutely did not expect a …

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard


With Resident Evil 7, Capcom has proved me wrong about the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil 6 was a game wildly out of touch with its own fanbase; this beloved horror series has struggled for relevance since. It’s had a couple of solid HD remasters, and the Revelations spinoff series …

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Gravity Rush 2


Gravity Rush 2 is a game about throwing yourself off of buildings for a good cause. It’s not the first of its kind, of course. The original Gravity Rush was director Keiichiro Toyama’s action-adventure breakout from horror games such as Silent Hill and Siren, and one of the better games …

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